My wife and I are quite disappointed over the lack of professionalism in staff, primarily Dennis, at the Hampton Meineke. We would have made a complaint onsite if it wasn't for our packed schedule, but we are really considering this to be our last Hampton Meineke visit. It was that bad.

24 years in law enforcement aside, it was obvious to tell Dennis had smoked marijuana prior to servicing our families vehicle. The smell was persistent on his clothing and my wife caught him staring out into space on a few occasions. His eye were also pretty glazed, more than enough probable cause for me to detain and possibly charge him if I was on duty.

My wife has also informed me Dennis made a couple unprofessional comments around her regarding his political views and his disgruntle opinions toward Meineke over his pay-rate and the amount of work he puts into the shop. Dennis also seemed to really lack motivation to get the job done quickly yet efficiently, a problem we have never had at any other Meineke location. Perhaps if the individual spent less time getting high on break and complaining he would be able to perform at his best, but his performance was less than acceptable and I am extremely disappointed with Meineke's lack of management oversight when it comes to employees consuming illicit substances on and off site. This poses an immense safety concern for both Meineke staff and patrons alike, and without saying, is criminal.

I will be sharing this information with neighbors and guys on the force in hope that it will inspire Meineke to get their act together. Our force certainly won't be doing business with a company whose employees put more focus on partying than doing the job correctly the first time.

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Carrollton, Virginia, United States #735297

Well first of all I have a son that I feel is a great mechanic at this location and I don't appreciate you slandering the mechanics at this location because first of all I don't base my opinions on what 1 person does because you see everyday what some officers have done and I don't judge the whole law enforcement group because of 1 persons actions, even if this was true and I don't think it is for the following reasons. My husband is a law enforcement officer and he is on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week regardless of his packed schedule.

You have sworn to protect and serve 24 hours a day not just when you schedule allows it. And I find it funny that you can talk about the immense safety concern and yet you let your wife drive a vehicle that he worked on and you report it on this site and to no one else, this is a joke, this person needs to think before he starts talking about being a officer of the law because this was not written by a law enforcement officer, and its a criminal act to try and present yourself as one and by some chance you are a law enforcement officer, you need to find another job because you are not living up to your sworn duties to protect and serve the public.

Most of the guys in this location work hard and they don't need a person that has a grudge make up this kind of garbage and pretend to be someone they're not.



Hampton, Virginia, United States #733528

F * ck you, officer McDouche. If I see you here again, trying to kill my buzz, I'll kick your fat, doughnut chomping a$$.


I have been a customer at the meineke in Hampton for over 5 years now and have referred many friends and family. I can honestly say I have personally had several interactions with the manager and the mechanics at the store through the years and have never had any problems or seen anything to cause me concern.

They have always explained and even showed me the problems with my car and I have been happy with the work they have done. I just find this hard to believe given my experiences, and I feel if you felt this was true regardless of your schedule you would have said something to the manager and not let him work on your vehicle in the first place especially being a cop.

Also, having 24 years in law enforcement you should be familiar with Virginia law on slander, defamation and libel. If not you might wanna look it up before you start sharing your information with no real proof or facts to base it on other than your probable cause.


Complete bull ***. If you are a cop shame on you for not doing anything.

Your duty to do and say something.

*** your duty as a good person you would say something if you truly thought he was impaired. You are in the wrong and should quit the force or be fired.


I have never had a problem with this location, I have been coming here for years. The store manager has always been helpful and it seems that the guys are on the ball. Maybe you have taken things out of context.

Newport News, Virginia, United States #732567

Wow, I'll make sure to steer clear of that place! Thanks for the heads up, I can't believe their management allows it to go on, especially considering their neglegence is putting lives at risk! Spread the word!

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