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Approx. 10 years ago I took my 76 Ford F150 to Meineke for an inspection, I was told the cable assembly for the emergency brake was missing and would need to be replaced (I was aware the brake was not working correctly) and I'm not sure what else but when I got under the truck later that was NOT missing, it just needed freed up, lubricated and adjusted from sitting for years.

6/18/14: I was getting my wheels replaced on a warranty issue at a tire shop and apparently a couple wheel studs were broke in the process so the tire shop sent it across the street to Meineke to get them replaced which made me cringe (due to the above experience) at 9:00 that morning.

Around 4:00 pm I went to pick my truck up and was told about the situation that had occurred. They called the mechanic and he said 20 minutes he would be done, so I had my wife drive me across the street and drop me off. When I got out of the car I noticed random brake parts (Springs, clips etc.) all over the parking lot and guided my wife around what I could to avoid a flat tire. My truck is on the lift all 4 tires are off and the guy comes in (the only person in the whole place) and tells me its going to be another hour and I told him I was just told 20 minutes 2 minutes ago, my ride just left, and the truck had been there since 9 am.

He said he had only been on it for 45 minutes. So he proceeds to start pounding on my rear axle to get it free causing my lugs, his tools and whatever else he had sitting on the lift to start "raining" to the floor in which he just leaves them. I walk outside to call a friend for a ride because I had to move my sister (That's why I needed the truck) and I look in and this dumb a$$ has my probably 20 pound caliper just dangling there by the brake line!@! I figured there was no way he would be done by closing time in less then an hour, he was which is a little concerning, he had a long way to go when I left.

So I told the tire shop let me know when my truck is back in their possession, because I am NOT going back to Meineke to pick it up.

So I can only assume the work was done "correctly". The tire shop was mortified and said they would never use them again and compensated me for all the trouble.

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