On 9/1 I took my car into Meineke for repair of power steering pump.Meineke said all work was guaranteed per George(Manager). Tony worked on my car twice and could not fix it($479.04).

After 2 1/2 days then proceeded to tell me if I spent $700 more they could fix it better? I took it to an dealership and they varified that it did not need the part or parts Meineke said.

I am a 70 years old female and I feel they were taking me for whatever they could. Shame on them for their dishonesty.

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My daughter went here to have her " totally new air conditioning system" installed by Meinecke two months earlier. They tried to charge her $700 to fix a fully warranted system, which she has been driving across the torrid west without.

We thought that getting something fixed at a national franchise was a good idea for a young woman moving alot, but regret our decision every day she is driving around in 100 degree plus heat without an airconditioner, and we are out $1000. Luckily she got out of this shop, but said the workmen were very rude.


Complete BS. I called Meineke corporate to inquire about a warranty and the woman came up with a dozen excuses why Meineke wouldn't honor its warranty.


A simple phone call to the corporate headquarters at 1-800-275-5200 will put you in touch with the customer service dept. From there, they will contact the owner of that franchise and involve him or her in resolving this issue.

I'm sure the owner would resolve the issue in a fair and equitable way, and corporate would assist in guiding him to make the right decision. He may not know of your situation at all. We all strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, but of course, that's impossible. Yet most of us have a faithful and repeat loyal following, who trust us with their repairs.

This can only happen because we really do care.

Give Meineke corporate a call, and give the owner a shot. I think you'll be pleased with the results.

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