Took my 1937 Buick to Meineke Muffler of Middletown, Ct. on 11-01-2010 Quoted a price of $184 to replace front pipe.

Would be done in 1 1/2 hours. I was there 5. I see the technician wailing on the bottom of the car and in engine compartment with big hammer. I get the car the exhaust falls apart on the road.

I open the hood to see the manifold smashed and doped up with furnace cement that was dribbled all over the fender staining the paint. I call and immediately return. I show the manager a great b.s. artist the damages.

He says will make all well again and weld up the manifold to make it right. He then makes excuses the part was warped. Also promises a full refund. I stand in the cold another 3 hours while they work on other cars of other people as they come in.

They finish my car at 9pm that night! Give me a receipt stating zero charges. By the time I get home the pipes fall off in the street again and my credit card never credited the money refund as promised. I call to inquire and received veiled threats they do as they please and I best not contact them anymore!

Master Card is coming to my rescue, my attorney is informed Ct. DMV is going to get an ear full.

Review about: Meineke Manager.

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Westbrook, Maine, United States #588991

To the one gentlemen's comment about bringing a classic car to Meineke. We can fabricate and manufacturer everything and if you have a great fabricator NOTHING is impossible to make.

We are known for our dual exhausts and our shop preformed a ton over the years without any complaints.Apparently he went to the wrong one. Remember how you feel about Meineke when you have a flex that goes on your car and the location is difficult to get to and the dealer wants 1600.00 for the pipes and flexi which sometime come with a catalytic converter and and the flexi and Meineke can do the job around 400.00.

Spend the 1600.00.


I reluctantly point out that findinng a good shop is hit or miss. Coincidentally, I was the manager of the largest Meieke in Maine and represented one of thhe best shops in the entire Boston/New England Zone.

I had some absolutely spectacular fabricators who could replicate almost anything. The oldest thing we ever worked on was a 1907 Dodge Bros Touring Car. But I built that team and cultivated good techs and paid them well.

They took pride in what they did.

If only I could afford to open up my own shop. It's sad what passes for customer service these days.


Are you playing with a full deck? They may have ruined your classic old Buick.

These scumbags are not real mechanics, and you expect them to fix anything correctly?? You took a massive gamble, and now it looks like you'll have to spend a lot more $$$ to have your fixed right at a real shop. Meineke is a scam and they're incompetent.

Never go back there again. You learned a huge lesson.

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