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Firstly, they are not truthful about the estimate and the work you need.

Secondly, the shop rate at this shop is $95.00 per hour. This is about $45 too much per hour for a chain/franchise which is basicly a "automotive Burger King". They overprice the cheap replacement parts and will not offer to show you the used replaced original parts.

I went here for a simple brake line repair that should have been no more than $120. It cost $280...for a $15 brakeline part replacement.

I would not recommend anyone using this shop for serious work as it is mediocre and they charge high end rates. It's better to support you local neighborhood guys who cost less and will do the work right. Meineke Muffler really has it's head up it's ***!!

Review about: Meineke Repair.

Monetary Loss: $430.

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I completely agree, I knew my car needed new brakes, I just didn't know if front ones or rear or both. So I took my car to Meineke on Thunderbird Rd in Phoenix, customer service from the beginning wasn't friendly, and it took almost 2 hrs for them to give my estimate.

I am a girl and those places think that just because you are a girl or woman, you don't know anything about cars. They gave me an estimate of over $ 550,00 saying I needed all 4 brakes pads and rotors replaced. So I decided to get a second opinion and I took my car to couple other places and later I found out I only needed rear pads, which only costed me $160,00. Don't let those guys rip you off, get your car checked somewhere else before you do business with them!

They lie big time! Never again Meineke!


Well obviously it is his fault Leroy and I imagine that he realizes this. I think what Mr.Lawson is getting to is simply that he does not wish another to make the same mistake. Granted, if they're reading any articles online I don't imagine that they would make that mistake but, nonetheless, he's trying to do the right thing.


You could have parked your car, caught a cab home or to a library with a computer or a phonebook, and spent half an hour researching your best option. Then you could have had your car towed to a shop of your choice.

This way you know you are getting the best deal. Of course, adding the time lost and the cost of towing, even a trip to a shop that would have only charged you $120 for the work would have ended up being nearly the same as at Meineke. That's just the way things are. And what if after you paid $80+ to tow your car to your favorite shop, the mechanic was not able to repair the brake line for $120 because your master cylinders were too rusty or another part of your brake line failed?

You would be mad at the cost again, even though it was just an honest mechanic trying to repair your rusted out piece of ***. Get a grip on reality here Einstein, car repair is expensive.

And if the repair was so easy, why didn't you gather up some tools, bought $15 of brake line, and spend a few hours doing the repair yourself? Or had a "mechanic" friend do it for you?


Dear Leroy Jenkins,

The next time your brake line pops while you are driving and have only a hand brake to stop your car, I want you to go to this place and better yet....I want you to drive around to numerous repair shops so you can take your pick. Good luck avoiding accidents while you steer, shift and apply the E-brake which doesn't really stop the car. I think you like *** work and being overcharged anyway. I'll bet you even have a sign on your back that says " Kick Me , I'm A Fool"

You must be a Meineke shop owner, what a *** opinion. Unfortunately, opinions are like ***...everybody has one!


If it cost so much, why did you have the work done? If you were really as vigilant of a consumer as you say you are, you would have price shopped the competition and found the best deal.

Instead, since your car was already at Meineke, you chose to pay for convenience. And now, of course, you have buyer's remorse.

That's like complaining that a hot dog at a football stadium costs $5 when you can get it for a dollar at a gas station 3 miles away. Your own fault buddy!

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