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Brought my car in after Jeff did an amazing job on my husband's truck.I asked for the a/c to be fixed.

They worked on the A arms on my car instead. I paid for that and was told to bring my car back for the a/c next week. I tried to clean my window off and the wipers weren't working. I left the car with Jeff and told him to fix the wipers while he waits for the a/c parts.

I get a call about three weeks later saying my car was finished. There were parts all over, cigarette butts on my carpeting, no rear view mirror as it and everything else in my glove compartment was in the floor. The compressor was wired through the driver door. When I protested about the safety of the work, Alex said my car is a POS and the fuse should take care of the over load in the wiring.

I told Alex, my car never needed work like this and he responded that my type of car was great and I should keep it. Alex said if there are problems; bring it back in the morning. I reluctantly took the car to class that night and although there were, parts not put back together on my steering column. When I got the light after pulling out of the shop, parts fell in my lap from under the dash, like a fuse box and some plastic pieces.

I was already late for class and decided to see if the shop will finish putting the car back together in the morning. When I started the car after class and turned on the lights, my dash lights went out, cruise control went out, and the gauges stopped registering. I brought it back in the morning and Jeff said they would order a dash cluster, Alex was sent home for 2 days and Jeff said Alex would not be working on the car. We called Jeff once a week for 3 weeks.

He finally says we ordered dash clusters and they did not work so we have to talk to the owner. I talked to Jim that Saturday and he said it is not his fault they broke my car and to take the car and leave. I told him that I made a habit of taking a picture of the dash when I drop off the car and my dash was functioning. He said he would talk to Jeff.

We called Jeff Wednesday, and Jeff said take the car and leave. They were not going to fix my car because they did not touch my dash. However, when I pointed out Alex's strange wiring job in my dash with an interior switch for the compressor was the cause; Jeff said they would not fix my car. I asked how I am supposed to drive the car off the lot if the dash does not work.

I called Ford, the price for the gauges ranges from $800-$1500, and then there is the additional charge for labor. Now the a/c still is NOT fixed, which is what I brought it in for and they never fixed whatever they did to the wipers and cruise control. I talked to Judge Ivey about filing a small claims case and the Judge handed me the papers to get started on the case.

I have never been so disappointed in a company!I just wanted them to fix what Alex broke!

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