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Meineke Car Care Center

3766 Robert C Byrd Drive

Beckley, WV 25801

I have only just begun using this garage and my experiences there have already convinced me that quality car care definitely takes a back seat to profit. I went in because my car was hesitating.

The mechanic that looked at my car told me I needed to have my head gasket replaced because it was leaking fluid. They kept my car for a week and tried to get me to replace the front end cradle bushings, the rear sway bar linkages, and said they found melted wires going to the fuel injectors and had to replace them. They are also trying to talk me into allowing them to flush the radiator in a 23-year-old car and swear that it will not damage the transmission.

The final bill was over $1500. I did not have the car back even half a day when the Check Engine light came on.

When I looked under the hood, I found fluid on top of my valve covers, a worm clamp that had fallen down between my air conditioner radiator and the regular one and even the paper instructions for tightening the bolts on the head gasket stuffed in the engine. They had broken the handle off my oil dipstick and made no effort to replace it. When I took it back for these things and the Check Engine light, they told me the head gasket had not been properly tightened down and was now cracked, but instead of replacing it, they put some kind of silicone goop on it instead. They replaced the dipstick with one that didn't fit and cut it down and cut notches on it so I could use it instead.

They twice told me the car was ready, and twice the Check Engine light came back on, once before I left the parking lot and the second time within a half an hour, before I had even had time to go home.

I took the car in at 8 o'clock yesterday morning to find out why the Check Engine light was still on. They said the O2 sensors on the left side needed to be replaced. But they also told me that my power steering pump was leaking. It wasn't when I took it in.

I asked them if they had checked to see if the leak was coming from above. The mechanic then slid back a hose cover and turned the wheel and power steering fluid shot out from two different places. If my car had been leaking at that rate, the power steering reservoir would have been empty weeks ago. I had just had all the fluids topped off.

They said they would order the hose and I decided to wait because I was not sure how safe the car would be to drive with the leak. They kept me there from 8 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon before they told me the parts place had sent the wrong hose and they would overnight it and it would be there at 7:30 this morning. They are talking about charging me over $400 to replace the two O2 sensors and the hose, and they have been working on my car for over three weeks. Instead of improving the car's performance, it now vibrates and idles rough which it never did before.

To be blunt. their mechanics are trained at finding things to fix, but have absolutely NO skill in actually making repairs. I sat there yesterday listening as people came in for things like an oil change or a safety inspection, and they tried to get them to have new ball joints, tires, control arms, and God knows what else done.

They work on the quota system, and they have absolutely no qualms about charging over $80 an hour for labor for guys who shouldn't even be allowed to work at a Jiffy Lube. Do not EVER allow them to do work if you can get it done by your regular mechanic.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meineke Car Part Replacement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Meineke Cons: Failure to do required work, Poor service.

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