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Horrendous! I purchased a vehicle from an auction.

Took it to Menekie thinking it would be the best place without getting ripped off. I asked for a simple check and estimate. They INCREDIBLY charged me almost $200 dollars just to check it. Not to mention that when I walked in the receptionist did not even acknowledge me, and left me standing there, right in front of her, while she stared at the computer screen.

Then gave me a long list of what look like to be very minor things with the exception of maybe two things that needed repair, but from the pictures, I notice that something did not look right, as if it were purposely broken in order to up the repair costs. I asked them to just fix the lights that were on the dash. After thinking about it and the ridiculous price they quoted me, I called back and told them to not do any of the work because it was much too expensive. But they lied to me and said "oh, the work was already done", which I found very hard to believe.

Then they tell I have to pick it or they will charge me $50 a day for having it parked, SIMPLY AMAZING! I ended up having to scrape up almost $1,500 for absolutely nothing!!! And while driving away, the car was acting far worse than before. It frighten me!

And; get this, not only three lights were still on in the dash, there was a fourth one that wasn't lit before. I feel like I was so ripped off, that it make me upset. I want Menekie Corporate to give me a refund! I am almost sixty years old taking care of an adult handicapped son, born with cerebral palsy and mental retardation, living on a fixed and low income, in an apartment.

How is this even happening in U.S.A?!! I have to return my leased vehicle and my son and I will not have any means of transportation...I donated the vehicle I purchased to charity because it is not safe to drive. What an incredible waste of time and rip off.

A Refund. A Refund.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meineke Repair.

Reason of review: Ripped off.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Meineke Pros: There are 0 pros.

Meineke Cons: Ripped off, Misleading, Customer service and quality of work.

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