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Update by user Jul 12, 2019

I received a call from one of their head guys today(7-12-19) and without even looking at or driving the jeep,He's trying to bring the struts(which have been replaced)into question once again!

Original review posted by user Jul 11, 2019

My wife took our 2014 jeep in for sputtering and was told the issue was the transmission. I was at work so I wasn't able to be there.They told her the price would be $5,000!!!

She called Me and put the head tech on the phone,He proceeded to tell Me the price and I said there's no way I would pay that!I told My wife to leave and We'll go elsewhere.I then received a call from said head tech and He then says He spoke to his boss and they got one We could have installed for $3,500 and it would be on a zero down payment plan. I reluctantly agreed as My Wife was in hysterics about Her vehicle. We were also told it would be ready within 5 days as it was the vehicle we were taking on vacation. It wasn't ready till after we were already left on vaca and couldn't pick it up.

When we returned, we went to get it that day. We were then given the breakdown of the bill and were being charged $4,000 instead of the agreed upon $3,500!Within a day the vehicle was doing the exact thing we took it there for. We took it back and were told it would go to the other side of town for the day as they had a "jeep guy" at the other location. Well, 4 days later we were told to come pick it up,the transmission was good , it was the struts now being the problem.

We then took the vehicle to the lot of purchase as the struts were under warranty being redone recently! With the struts now replaced again, the vehicle is still having the same issues as before just getting worse! Obviously,the trans wasn't the issue ,rather something else and they just automatically took advantage of a woman, who didn't know any better, and replaced one of the most expensive things they could!! The're now giving Us the runaround and won't return calls or try and fix the issues while expecting My Wife to continue paying them $400 dollars a month!!

All this came from what started out as looking like a good situation when I went in for an oil change on my own vehicle.A while before I went in for a highmilage oil change, was told like most places the synthetic oil job is more, the tech was very cool and polite, seemed like an honest guy. Well, after completion,I was then told I was only being charged for the lesser priced oil change because He was "hooking Me up" because He wanted My business.Days later is when the jeep incident began. After dropping the jeep there for what turned into almost a week,I drove My truck less than 1000 miles and had to put 3 quarts of oil in it!! A synthetic oil change is supposed to last 5000 miles and I park on white concrete so I know it's not leaking!!

On top of that,a free tire rotation was included in said oil change ,they rotated My expensive 24" tires the wrong way and I have since had to change 2 and need a 3rd because they were directional tires and couldn't be rotated without being taken off,remounted and balanced!! so what began as a "hook up" and the thought of a new place to do business has turned into thousands of dollars in nightmares!!We are going to court for sure!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Meineke Car Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Meineke Pros: Being desensitized to disgruntled customers.

Meineke Cons: Just bs.

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