I had an oil leak that made my car inoperable. I had to have the oil pan replaced and company told me they had an estimate for the repair.

I knew it would be a ripoff but I didn't have the option to go to another place at the time. The total repair for one oil pan and oil change was 704.57. The price of that includes some weird shop supply cost. I don't know what I even got or what they put into my car for it but they charged $55.00 for it.

I checked online for an oil pan for my car and they start at $36.00. They charged me 357.60 for one oil pan. That's over 600% markup. Then the labor was two hours but I don't think this pan needs more than 45 minutes to put on.

$120 an hour, that's $165 markup.

Such a ripoff. Then they didn't even fill up my car oil to the full mark, but the half-way mark.

User's recommendation: don't ever go to meineke for ANY repair!!!! They will steal your money!!

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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