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I am to the end of my rope with Meineke. The location we have been dealing with exclusively over the last few years is #1372 Overland Park. I love the manager’s bedside manner and everything, but I can’t tell you how frustrated I am right now with the quality of diagnostics, repair, and results we have received over the last year. I usually overlook details like putting the “Next oil change due by…” sticker on after an oil change, or resting the oil change light after an oil change, but when errors start costing ME more and more time and money than can be deemed feasible, that’s when I call it.

I had an engine issue seemingly addressed last year with my Ford Flex, brought it in on a tow truck and everything, wouldn’t start and seizes on the highway. Over $1000 later, my car was deemed HEALED! Then I had an issue with overheating RIGHT AFTER I got it back, mind you – this was not an issue before. I took the Flex back to Meineke, they replaced the “defective part”. I have since then had this same repeated issue multiple time since last summer, each time, bringing the crippled car into Meineke and they "replace the part".

I have been left stranded several times, towed several times because of this reoccurring issue. Tonight, as I was taking my wife to the airport, this overheating issue stuck again! The result? I had to call an Uber to pick up my wife from the side of the highway we were now stranded on, so at least the Uber driver could try and get her to the airport in time for her flight to her best friend’s wedding this weekend. Well, it was a good try, but she missed her flight and she had to fork over $350 to get onto a flight with another airline as everything else was booked!

I’m done. I’m not using any more of my AAA tows to get this car to Meineke. I live in Lansing, KS – the Meineke I deal with exclusively (for whatever reason at this point) is located in Overland Park – 35 miles/40 minutes away. I would like to know what is going to be done about this issue once an for all and what will be done to keep my business going forward. I have been a great, loyal, and more than understanding customer up to this point, but on top of the time and money I have already lost in this, I feel like someone at Meineke is going to tell me “It’s my Flux Capacitor that’s faulty and needs to be replaced…” next. Someone in upper management, please advise. Right now, I have an inoperable car again after it has been "fixed" multiple times by Meineke. If I have to tow my car to somewhere else to get it fixed once and for all, they will get my business going forward.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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