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Update by user Jan 19, 2019

*** Forgot to mention we had to have the second spring coil installed (they should have been done in pairs to begin with and you would think that an auto repair shop should know that) after they did the first one. We were charged for both springs prior and they gave us the second one rather than installing it after we were given a cost to replace both, but the other manager insinuated that the first manager apparently didn't know what he was doing when he gave us the price when we okayed the repairs.

So we were charged an additional $104.00 on top of the original cost for the job, to install the second one.

Argh...we're just so upset with this place...we give up. So besides the additional $185.00 we feel they still owe us they really should refund the $104.00 too...but we know we'll never see it.

Update by user Jan 19, 2019

**UPDATE 1/19/19**After another call/complaint to Meineke's corporate headquarters and another call to the credit card company to reopen the dispute with Meineke over the $326.00 the owed back on my charge...I FINALLY got a call from our local Meineke yesterday on 1/18 that the money had been refunded. I did check my card to verify that.

I had told the corporate headquarters that nearly 2 months waiting for a refund was unacceptable, and by the time the refund did come, it was over 2 months. Nothing has ever been done about the charge for front strut mounts I was charged for but they never installed (according to new manager who said he doesn't know what happened to them, but they were never installed on our car). We feel like at this point we are just out the $180+ dollars we got charged for on them).Bottom line, we will NOT be doing any further business with Meineke except for stuff that is under warranty through them. We are only 2 cars, but they got literally thousands from us in car repairs.

We'll give our money to a company that we don't get ripped off from, which is EXACTALY how we feel we've gotten with this Meineke! To bad, we used to really like them and at one time...trusted them!

Original review posted by user Dec 20, 2018

I was given a repair cost to replace both back coil springs and control arms on my Sonata by one of the managers, I approved the work to be done for $749.00. A couple days later I had to call to check on the status of the repairs and was told the car was done, but the cost was significantly higher even after providing a senior discount. I was told he didn't know how the other manager came up with that price. The thing is, I approved $749.00 for the full repair on both sides. It ended up costing $863.00 (after he took off a senior discount) AND they never replaced the second coil spring, instead the new one was in a box in my trunk. The manager said that the other manager didn't add the charge on for the broken spring because he probably didn't see it when he gave me the repair cost. However, the original manager Joe, called me and told me they had it up on the rack and found the broken coil spring and recommended that both sides be replaced.

I paid the $863.00, and still have 1 coil spring that wasn't replaced. I have spoken to other mechanics and did research on this and it is HIGHLY recommended that both are replaced at the same time (as Joe recommended when he gave me the cost for 1 side or both) because it puts stress on the older coil and causes height differences because the new coil is tight and the old one will tend to sag. I am BEYOND upset with this Meineke. I am still waiting for a $326.00 refund on my credit card from charging me wrong on some tires back on Nov. 11th, Meineke has told me twice they have sent the credit in. I have now had to place a dispute on the account because 38 days later and it still hasn't been credited.

And let me add, when they had to replace my struts under warranty a few months ago, they told me that there were no strut mounts on my front struts. They had quick struts on them. I had been charged about $185.00 for strut mounts and installation of them when it was being run by a different manager about 2 years ago. When the new manager Jay discovered they were never put on or installed, he contacted the general manager Doug about it, rather than refunding or offering me an in shop credit on that, their answer to me was "well, it was bad management". I say that is BS, they even said that my strut mounts may have ended up in the trunk of one of the mechanics, there was no way to know, but they were sorry. SORRY...I was ripped off for nearly $185.00 and they know it and ADMIT it to me, then tell me sorry? I have literally done thousands of dollars of business with this Meineke, but no more! I gave them chances to make it good. I would like the money I paid for those strut mounts refunded! I want the coil spring thats in the box in my trunk put on the car like I was originally quoted a price for and then they didn't do it! I am not paying another dime to do it either, I already paid more than what I was originally told it would cost! At this point I have lost ALL faith and trust in our local Meineke. Oh yeah, and I would like to see the credit of $326.01 I have been waiting 38 days for!

At this point they owe me $185.00 for strut mounts and installation I didn't receive, $326.01 refunded on my credit, and the installation of the second coil spring that I was given a price for, then charged more when I went to pick the car up, and that spring wasn't put on.

Thank you!

Product or Service Mentioned: Meineke Car Repair.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $185.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Meineke Pros: That it was convienent to our home and had good hours.

Meineke Cons: Lied to and charged for things that were never installed.

  • cheated
  • Lied about installed parts
  • Meineke in Belleville
  • Refund takes forever
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