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Purchased a car from Drive Time and haven't had to be disappointed with customer relations with the exception of a few issues still be argued on coverage. Meineke "claimed" they repaired my fuel pump but my gauge doesn't work after two repairs. "Claimed" that a cam selinoid was replace do. Now, on the first day I asked for the engine light to be checked but the fuel pump went out. "Claimed" he installed new software. My front end feels like...
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Anonymous With the exception of my typos you get the gist of it

I recently had my car repaired at meineke on broadway and beltline in garland without going into the details of what was wrong and how long it took which was NO fault of meineke just other idiots who should know what engine goes in my car but screwed up. The guys at meineke especially Bill are the nicest most polite and professional guys ever they kept me informed and did the work in a very timely manner i will always use meineke on broadway and...
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I took my truck to Meineke of NRH. told them that I had an electrical problem. The first thing they did was remove the gas tank and replace the fuel pump that we had had installed two weeks earlier. On their first bill they stated that the pistons had no pressure due to gas saturation after relatedly trying to start it. But they had already said that the pump we installed was not working. On the second bill they wrote they dropped the piston's...
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