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Dropped a 95 Honda Accord of at around noon on 5/11/2012. Wanted the car checked for possible catalytic converter replacement.

Asked for a call when diagnosis was done. Got a call around 5 pm that dat with diagnosis of cat replacement and muffler. Since it was late in the day I was told the car would be ready the next day at 10am. Went to shop at 10 am the next day, car was not ready and was told the mechanic doing the welding was having problems with the "thin walls" of the exhaust piping but had worked thru it.

However the welding equipment stopped working and a service call had been opened for its repair. Day 3, welder down all day, Day 4 welder was down until mid afternoon. The manager Robert Anthony tells me the welder was down due to operator error. I was told they would get back to work on my car.

At this point I know these guys are incompetent. I get a call at the end of the day with other diagnosis of electrical issues and but I tell them that I just want the cat and muffler installed. I get a call on Day 5 around 10 am that the car is ready. I pay $424 and get my car.

As soon as I crank the car I hear exhaust leaks. I look at the mechanic he drops his head and walks off. I drive a mile down the road to Midas to have then diagnosis what is wrong. I took the following pictures,,

I was with out my car for 5 days for this! I took the car back and told them I was dissatisfied with the quality of the work. Robert Anthony replied " Whats wrong with it? I showed him the pictures, and in a rude tone said he would fix it.

When I asked exactly what would be done to fix it he responded again in a rude tone that he would fix it. Not wanting a confrontation I let my car and returned later hoping to get an exact description od what would be done to fix my car. All I got from Anthony was he would fix it himself starting at the exhaust flange. He said he would call me before the work was done for me to inspect.

Day 6, I got a call to come inspect the work. Welds were good and Anthony showed me what work he had left. We agreed and he said the car would be ready in an hour, he would call. I did not get a call.

Day 7, I went to the shop around 8:30, I was told the car was ready. I picked up the car and told a shop employee that I would be back to speak with Anthony about some kind of reimbursement for it taking a week for a 2 hour job. I came back and Anthony informed me that as far as he was concerned we were even because he fixed the problem. He said I would not have been without my car for a week had I not complained about the work.

He refused to do anything to compensate for the inconvenience and directed me to customer service. I called customer service and they refused to do anything as well citing that the welder was only down 1 day and the othe days were due to parts. As for the two days to fix the work well, they fixed the problem!

Bruce from customer service was as rude as Anthony. I have filed complaints with the BBB and the Alabama Attorney General's office for customer protection.

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Responded to the post from Hilda. Called the "hotline" 3 times and left my contact info on the first call.

I have not heard back from them. I gues this post was some kind of PR tactic to make it look like they were going to provide customer service.

During this experience everyone at Meineke mouths customer service phrases but the is never any action that delivers the customer service. This is obviously the Meineke culture.


I am sorry to hear about your experience at one of our Meineke centers; we would like to help find resolve so please call us at our National Customer Service Hotline: 1-800-447-3070 as soon as possible. Thank you.


I would like to say those are the worst welds i have seen ever so it clearly shows that they are incompetent even the manager as it clearly shows that both of them can not weld what so ever and i would send these pictures to the corporate office and file a claim with your states D M V so they can have there garage# fined or suspended, furthermore yes it's a 2hr job for a really good trained technician as those welds look like a kid did them as now it looks like your going to have problems sooner or later cause those weld should be smooth like little ripple's so in my 30plus yrs i have seen welds like these fail as for you accepting this makes me sick.

and now i would say they owe you some of your money back or for them to pay someone else to have it fix correctly and a rental for the day cause you have clearly proven your case of negligence as you know now cheaper is not all way's better or cause it's a franchise some times a locally own exhaust repair shop is better cause that's there specialty and they have better pricing cause there is no overhead, like these franchise ones and some will let you supply your own parts so what else can you do well i would make a couple of flyers with the pictures and tape them on your car stating what they did till they make it wright as i bet you are not the only one they have did this too

to native4life Fairborn, Ohio, United States #1230505

Yes, I agree with native4life! Those are the worst welds that I have ever seen. If they don'the know how to use electric welding equipment then use oxy acetylene torch.

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