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April 24, 2019


5970 Scarborough Road

Columbus, OH 43232

Dear Meineke #1065,On February 5, 2019 I first brought my vehicle (2010 Hyundai Sonata) to your garage for servicing. At that point I authorized an Oil change and to Remove and replace the sway bar links as well as remove and replace front stabilizer bar control links on both sides of front axle.On March 21st, 2019 I returned to your garage for an additional servicing and diagnosis not related to the one mentioned above. My car was in your possession for 2 days before receiving an update as to what the issue was. At this point, you lead me to believe that by replacing the battery and the fuel pump assembly my car would be repaired and safe to drive with no issues.

On April 13, 2019 my vehicle (1/4 tank of gas at time of break down) experienced the same symptoms that caused me to bring my vehicle to you on March 21st, 2019 the first time. The vehicle broke down on I-70 West in Zanesville, OH so I had the vehicle towed by Pappy’s Towing to a friend’s house less than 10 miles out at 131 S Pembroke Avenue, Zanesville, OH until I figured out how to proceed. At this point I called the Meineke 1-800 Customer service number and explained to them the situation. With no immediate response I had to get a rental vehicle not only for work but for family reasons as well. After calling the 1-800 Customer service number every other day for updates, I finally heard from “Fred” who claimed to be the supervisor of Meineke #1065 on April 17th, 2019. After explaining to “Fred” that the issue that he “fixed” had happened again he told me that he could only tow my vehicle 10 miles and that it was my responsibility to bring it to his shop and that he “would work with me” on figuring out a solution and suggested that he would give me a discount on labor to work on the vehicle again. He then advised me to put gas in the vehicle to see if it would start and if it did, drive it to him to look at which I was not comfortable with.

Since “Fred” requested I put gas in to see if it starts, I had to go purchase a gas can and fuel because I did not own one On April 20th, 2019 I put the fuel in the vehicle and it started. At that point I had Teresa Borelli (family friend) follow me from 131 S Pembroke Avenue, Zanesville, OH to the nearest Hyundai dealership because I wanted a second professional opinion on the vehicle. The dealership was booked and could not diagnose the vehicle until Monday morning of April 22nd, 2019. On April 22nd, 2019, Audra Keener (dealership service manager) called me and explained to me that the sway bar link on the front left needed retightened and torqued (which should have been done on February 5th, 2019) and in addition as a result of the fuel pump being installed INCORRECTLY, the gas tank float sensor was lodged, a fuel line was severely damaged with missing clips, and the fuel sending module all needed replaced as a result of negligence on behalf of Meineke #1065. Audra stated that Meineke #1065 was welcomed to call them and she would explain everything. At this point I told Audra that I would call her back after giving Meineke a call to see how they wanted to proceed. I called “Fred” immediately after and explained the above-mentioned cost and issues at hand and told him he could call them to verify and figure out how to proceed. “Fred” claimed that the issues were not the result of negligence and that the dealership just wants paid so they would tell me anything. “Fred” also stated that even if it was their fault, I should have brought my car back to his garage so they could have it fixed it at a lower cost. However, since I took it to a dealership and not him, he wasn’t going to deal with it. I called Audra back and authorized the dealership to do the work because I cannot be without a vehicle and cannot afford to pay for a rental vehicle until a resolution is met.

The dealership and mechanic on duty who looked at my vehicle are prepared to testify that the additional damage found on April 22nd, 2019 was a direct result of the work done INCORRECTLY by Meineke #1065.

I had no obligation to return the car to Meineke #1065 for further repair or diagnosis. I had the damage Meineke #1065 caused repaired at a commercially reasonable price.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meineke Car Repair.

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