Supply, North Carolina

I arived at Middletown, Ct. Meinike at 8 am on a MOnday morning.

The exhaust pipe on my car was cracked. Given an estimate of 1 hour labor, $90 and $70 in materiel to fix the pipe and I agreed. I left just before midnight! Going over the Arigoni suspension bridge the car catches fire.

A cop helped put out the flames. The manifold was smashed by a hammer? in effort to force wrong pipe to fit and then epoxied togeather with glue! Meinike in Middletown dared me to take them to court claiming they made appropriate factory authroized repairs and then added "*** Americans." Ct.

DMV is useless! They shuyld be ashamed of their lack of help to the common man of which they are being dearly paid. BBB has given them F rating and has been of help. Other Connecticut agencies for protecting consumers of crooks worthless.

More flapping gums like DMV!!

Had court date, arrived a court just to find out at last moment Meinike filed a continuance. They have form what I counted no fewer than 100 complaints and know all the tricks to stay in business running their thieftdom as business as usual.

Monetary Loss: $2182.

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Gosh, a 16 year old in the BOCES auto shop program does better quality work than that.

You greatly increase your chance of a satisfactory experience with your auto repair shop by avoiding all of the chains, and using either a local independent repair shop, or for highly specialized work, a local dealer.

To quote PT Barnum, "There's a sucker born every minute", and that's the only way the chains can stay in business.


Nice job Meineke. Looks like something done by a kindergarten group. :grin :grin :grin

to ALq Shallotte, North Carolina, United States #609627

must remember I chose Meinike because I had traveled north from near Myrtle Beach for a party. Second, I have had work done by another meinike inpast not a problem.

I did go to court. After 3 continuences. It is a matter of record. These guys may not know how to fix mufflers, butr can lie and play games.

In the end I won!! I have sent copy of judgment to DMV and insisted to the comissioner to do her job and take action.

Die Meinike DIE!! :grin

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